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Surehold Adhesive Products

NTE is proud to make available to you a comprehensive line of glue and adhesive solutions from SureHold®. SureHold® was founded in 1998 to bring high quality super glues, super glue gels, and adhesives to the market at competitive prices. Today, they manufacture a complete line of super glue and super glue gel, epoxies, and adhesives.

SureHold® is known for their "Drip-Proof, Clog-Proof" patented applicator. Easy to use, precise and controlled application of glue, tube won't clog after repeated use and stores up to 12 months after opening. Tired of dried out tubes and caps glued shut? Why not choose a glue that is literally good to the last drop with SureHold's patented tube technology, available on three of our super glues: Plastic Surgery®, 3 gr and 10 gr super glue.

Not your ordinary super glue, SureHold's Plastic Surgery® Super Glue is one of the best glues on the market. Bonds more of today's engineered plastics, such as: acrylic, ABS, EPDM, nylon, fiberglass, phenolic, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyester, polystyrene, PVC and urethane. Not just for plastics, it also bonds a wide range of materials.

Python Glue® is unlike other polyurethane glues on the market. While they foam and expand as they dry and cure, we have formulated ours to have limited to no foaming. Python Glue® is a high strength adhesive that bonds a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, ceramic, and stone. Once dry it can be sanded and painted.

SureFlex® is a multi-purpose adhesive for hundreds of uses for repairs, projects, arts and crafts, pool toys and more. This multi-purpose adhesive creates a flexible bond, which never becomes brittle. Stops leaks in containers, pipes and hoses.

For those projects that require instant adhesion, SureHold® offers a general purpose, fast setting two part epoxy. SureHold® Threadlockers keep those nuts and bolts from coming loose while locking out moisture to prevent rust and corrosion. Easy disassembly with medium strength blue; or if you require permanent strength; red threadlocker for assemblies that do not require frequent disassembly.