Bundle Managment

Bundle Management

  • Split Loom - Holds and protects cables, wires, etc. and is quick and easy to install, with slit closing automatically after installation. Available in Black, Orange, Green, Red, and Yellow in a variety of diameters and lengths.
  • Standard, Label & Support Twist Locks - A single twist locks or unlocks the bundle making them a fast, economical way to securely position and hold wire, cable, or tubing.
  • Standard, Adjustable & Ladder Adjustable Cable Clamps - Designed to help secure the routing of cables, harnesses, hoses and more.
  • Expandable & No-Fray Expandable Sleeving - easy to install, lightweight, allows flexibility while providing secure bundling for a professional look. We have recently added No-Fray Expandable Sleeving, which can be cut with a household scissor instead of a hot knife.