EL Wire products photo

Electroluminescent (EL)
Chasing Wire

NTE Parts Direct has added EL Chasing Wire to its comprehensive line of LED Strips, EL Wire and Lighting products. Using the same principles and construction as the original EL Wire we introduced back in 2016, this new version works the same, but with one big difference. It chases!

By utilizing multiple cores this EL Chasing wire adds an eye-catching effect to the world of Electroluminescent wire. You will see the glowing colored light seem to move along the length of the wire seemingly flowing out the end. Speed control and/or Forward and Reverse Flashing incorporated into some of the power supplies allows for custom effects. These new items are in stock and ready to ship.

Features includes:

  • Operates on AC voltages 90 - 120VAC unlike LED Strips, which operate on DC voltages
  • Available in 2.3mm and 3.2mm Diameters
  • Standard 9.84 Ft. (3 Meter) length with Pre-Wired Connector
  • Extremely flexible, can be bent, knotted, cut, stretched, etc. without compromising the lighting effect
  • Can be mounted to almost any decoration surface using transparent adhesive tape, glue, clips, thread, etc.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving, uses 50 - 70% less energy than LED lamps, 20 - 40% less than Rope Lighting, and 1 - 10% less than Neon Lighting
  • 5 different power supplies available (1-battery powered, 2-12VDC powered, and 2-AC powered
  • Multiple connectors and splitters available.
  • Available Colors include: Red, Blue, Transparent Blue, Green, Transparent White, Yellow/Green, Orange, Pink and Purple