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Circuit Protection

NTE's line of circuit protection devices encompasses a great deal of products:

  • Disc Thermostats:  available in both open-on-rise (NTE-DTO) and close-on-rise (NTE-DTC) configurations. These thermostats range from 59° to 302°F and are drop in replacements for the Stancor STO and STC series. All feature automatic reset, .250 inch quick connect terminals and a loose bracket stainless steel cap.
  • Fuses:  glass and ceramic, cartridge and leaded, automotive, slow-blow and fast acting. Including common series replacements for 3AG, 3AM, ATM, ATC types. Glass, ceramic, fast-blo and slow-blo are all available.
  • Thermal Cut-Offs (TCOs):  also known as Thermal Fuses are found every where you look - they are miniature NON-RESETTABLE temperature sensitive devices designed to prevent appliances and electronic equipment from over-heating. All NTE thermal cutoffs are UL and CSA listed. They are available with opening temperatures from 151°F/66°C thru 464°F/240°C.
  • Integrated Circuit Protectors (ICPs):  the series of IC Protectors are an overcurrent protection device having a stable and high-speed tripping characteristic.
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs):  often used in protection circuits to protect against excessive transient voltages. A varistor remains non-conductive as a shunt mode device during normal operation when the voltage across it remains well below its “clamping voltage”. NTE MOVs are available in a selection of clamping voltages.
  • Overvoltage Transient Suppressors:  both bidirectional and unidirectional types with ratings from 5 volts to 376 volts. They feature fast response time, excellent clamping capability all in a molded plastic body.
  • Polymeric PTC Resettable Fuses:  the phenomenon that allows conductive plastic materials to be used for resettable overcurrent protection devices is that they exhibit a very large non-linear Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) effect when heated. The use of polymeric types of devices have been widely accepted in applications such as computers & peripherals, security and fire alarm systems, general electronics, loud speakers, automotive applications, power transformers, etc.
  • Thermal Circuit Breakers:  both panel mount R58 series and Fuse Holder cartridge types R59 series. They contain a visual trip indicator, a push button to reset breaker and 0.250 inch quick connect terminals.
    • The R59 series represent convenient, inexpensive alternatives to twist cap, panel mounted fuse holders and glass cartridge fuses.
    • The R58 series comprise single pole, thermal type circuit breakers that feature a recessed reset button which cannot be manually pulled out to disconnect the circuit.
    When an overload occurs and the breaker opens, the reset button and an indicator extend for visual trip indication. A trip free feature allows the contacts to open even if the reset button is held in manually against an over-load. NTE thermal circuit breakers are available with ratings from .25 amps to 30 amps.