Soldering Products group photo

Soldering Irons and Torches

The ECG division of NTE has a complete line of quality butane and corded electric powered soldering irons and torches.

  • BUTANE POWERED:  The butane line is perfect for those applications that require the utmost in portability. They are perfect in those locations that electric power is not available or unadvisable. From small compact handy torches and irons, to larger units that last for hours on one fill. Most have automatic ignition and many feature a variety of tips suitable for a multitude of uses.
  • CORDED ELECTRIC:  The corded electric line features a broad selection of wattage ratings and features. Wattage ratings go from 12 watt miniature version up to a 140 watt medium duty soldering gun to everything imaginable in between. This group also features variable wattage/temperature models.

De-soldering Irons and Pumps
This group comprises three different models. The J-045-DS is a electric de-soldering iron that heats the solder to a molten state and then a built-in bulb is used to create a vacuum to remove the solder. The J-1-DS and J-2-DS are mechanical de-soldering tools that use a spring loaded plunger to create a vacuum to remove the molten solder. The J-1-DS and the J-2-DS are essentially the same except the J-2-DS is an ESD compliant version.