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Terminals and Connectors

Let NTE Electronics be your source for terminals and connectors. Available in nylon insulated, PVC insulated, non-insulated, and heat shrink types and a variety of wire gauge sizes ranging from 8 AWG up to 26 AWG.

The world famous NTE cross reference, easily accessible from the home page, helps you easily and quickly find the correct NTE replacement for thousands of industry device numbers. When the original device number is not known, our intuitive drop down menus guide you to a selection of compatible devices. We're sure you will find the item you need.

Types Include:

  • Ring Terminals
  • Spade Terminals
  • Butt Connectors
  • Male Disconnects
  • Female Disconnects
  • Piggy Back Disconnect
  • Bullet and Receptacle Disconnects
  • Flag Terminals
  • Pin Terminals
  • Twist-On Wire Connectors
  • Close End Connectors
  • Stripping Quick Splices
  • Waterproof Heat Shrink Terminals