• Record in file LW3SEQMS.CEPDTALIB changed between read and lock attempt
  • *LW3_NEXT_XXXX_NUM system variable evaluator invalidly invoked.
  • Function program @LW3GN01 failed - see second level text for details
  • Program status 00001 = Called program returned with LR set on
  • Possible error while processing file - see second level text for details
  • File status = Status code unknown - contact your product vendor

Terminal Blocks group photo

Terminal Blocks

NTE's line of Terminal Blocks provide a convenient means of connecting individual electrical wires without the use of a splice or having to physically join wire ends. The world famous NTE cross reference, easily accessible from the home page, helps you easily and quickly find the correct NTE replacement for thousands of industry device numbers. When the original device number is not known, our intuitive drop down menus guide you to a selection of compatible devices. We're sure you will find the item you need.

Features include:

  • Barrier Types
  • Eurostyle Types
  • 2 Pole through 24 Pole
  • 3.5mm through 11mm Pitch
  • Single and Dual Row
  • PC Mount and Solder Terminals
  • Pluggable Types
  • RoHS Compliant