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Test Equipment

The ECG division of NTE Electronics, Inc. has a complete line of meters, logic probes, oscilloscope probes, and digital thermometers.

  • METERS:  Our line of meteras includes both analog and digital types. In our analog line we offer small, pocket-sized types as well as a top-of-the-line, full function version. Our line of digital meters features various types including economical, heavy duty, water resistant, a capacitance meter, and more.
  • LOGIC PROBES:  We offer two different types of logic circuit test probes; a logic probe/pulse detector and a logic probe/pulse generator.
  • OSCILLOSCOPE PROBES:  These high quality, economically priced probes are compatible with popular scopes. Available in 60, 100, and 200MHz bandwidths.
  • DIGITAL THERMOMETERS:  Our pocket-sized digital thermometers are accurate to ±2 degrees and feature digital LCOs. The DIT-205 is a pen style, non-contact, infrared version with countless applications.