Part No:  HS-ASST-1

Heat Shrink Assortment Black Thin Wall 6 Inch Length 4pcs Each Assorted Diameters 24 PCs Total

  • Package Quantity:  1


2:1 Shrink Ratio

NTE's Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is:

  • high performance
  • multi-purpose
  • professional grade
  • flexible
  • flame retardant

It is a polyolefin based heat-shrinkable tubing with excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties. This tubing is used in commercial, industrial and military applications. It can provide strain relief, insulation, color coding, identification and protection against fluids.


This Assortment Contains: Black

3/32" dia.

1/8" dia.

3/16" dia.

1/4" dia.

3/8" dia.

1/2" dia.

(4 pieces of each diameter)