Part No:  HS-ASST-13

Heat Shrink Assortment Dual Wall Black 4 Inch Lengths Assorted Diameters 72 Pieces Total

  • Package Quantity:  1


3:1 Shrink Ratio

Each Assortment Kit Contains Black Dual Wall Adhesive Tubing in: 

1/8" dia. (20 pieces)

3/16" dia. (16 pieces)

1/4" dia. (12 pieces)

3/8" dia. ( 10 pieces)

1/2" dia. (8 pieces)

3/4" dia. ( 6 pieces)

NTE's Dual Wall w/Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing is:

  • high performance
  • multi-purpose
  • professional grade
  • flexible
  • flame retardant

It is a polyolefin based heat-shrinkable tubing with a thermoplastic adhesive liner which flows when heated. After shrinkage and upon cooling, it provides a permanent flexible water proof barrier. This tubing has excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties. This tubing is suitable for a wide range of applications including the encapsulation of cables, wire, electrical components and splices. It is commonly used in commercial, industrial and military applications.